The MET Process

Minerals Easy Transport

MBE Sarl has been working with minerals since 1984 and the Company is very well-known in this sector.

MBE has developed a specific process (M.E.T) that provides bioavailability, guarantees the necessary daily quantity of minerals and ensure their absportion.

Because bioavailability is not assimilation!

(Do not confuse both !)

Bioavailability depends on the given product, while the absorption corresponds to the capacity of an organism to assimilate the product in question.

Because each body assimilates differently!

(Absorption varies from person to person)

The M.E.T Process combines minerals salts or sources with high bioavailabiity and high mineral load.

Combining multiple salts of the same mineral in a single tablet is a concept dating from 2007.

Since 2010, the application of the M.E.T Process to the association of mineral salts improves your chance of assimilation!

Thanks to the association of technological innovation with a strong marketing impact, MBE has become a major player in the mineral salts market on the French market as well as abroad.